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Greetings Readers, Viewers, Data Curious, Data Seasoned, Friends, Colleagues, Soon-to-be Friends & Colleagues, and everyone in between! We are so pleased to welcome you to our online doorstep!

We are digital weavers. We bring together threads in data and braid ideas into patterns. We are storytellers. We work with communities to listen authentically and reflect the narratives of people we work with

for the purpose of improving lives.

As a QBIWOC firm, RISE Research & Evaluation’s approach alchemizes the wisdom of lived experiences with scholarly work. We employ a research paradigm with roots in constructivism, critical analysis, and Indigenous-based positionality.

In other language, we are a full-service research and evaluation firm that collects, analyzes and synthesizes data, and we provide insights on your work’s effect. We are called RISE because we seek to elevate your practice and grow awareness of your impact. Through the power of inquiry and data-driven results, we provide a grounding for you and your team to know where to grow.


We hold technical expertise in both qualitative and quantitative data analysis. We work with our clients and their communities to create a foundation of open dialogue and curiosity, in order to receive the results without judgement and dream of new paths forward. We operate from an authentic, supportive space and promote a growth mindset.

We are also highly adaptive. We design tailored assessments, and we employ a range of methodologies to match the unique needs of our clients and the people they serve. We conduct academic literature searches and recommend previously validated tools for survey-type projects. For a richer, more nuanced comprehension of your impact, we use qualitative tools such as observation rubrics and interview protocols.

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